Smith & Forge Hard Cider

Smith & Forge is rooted in 19th century tradition. Made strong in the fine tradition of making things strong.

Copywriter: Gordo
Jr. Designer: Andreas Aristedes

19th Century Struggles

I wrote modern-day copy to 19th century imagery in the ubiquitous meme style that thrives on Facebook and Instagram.

The Hard Times

'The Hard Times' was a campaign we ran to bring historic events to light with a twist. Usually an outrageous feat of strength made possible by an equally strong cider.

Keystone Light

Copywriter: Gordo
Art Director: Andreas Aristedes

Always Smooth

We demonstrated just how smooth Keystone Light can be through Facebook videos.

A ‘Stone so smooth, it never cuts corners.

‘Stone so smooth, it puts itself on ice.

REDD'S Apple Ale

Copywriter: Gordo
Designer: Andreas Aristedes

Limited Pick - Blueberry

For the release of the limited Blueberry Ale flavor, we created limited release-style movie posters and a trailer, complete with critic review snippets. Legal wouldn’t let us quote “Blue Berrymore.”

The reviews are in: REDD’S Blueberry Ale is “stunning,” “spell-binding,” and “a triumph...from start to finish.” #LimitedPick

Summer Your Way

#SummerYourWay was a campaign we ran to communicate a unique point-of-view on traditional summer activities. Because when you've got REDD'S Apple Ale in hand, why settle for ordinary?

REDD'S Wicked

Copywriter: Gordo
Designer: Andreas Aristedes

The Wicked Hour

For the brand that's all about pregaming, we created the #WickedHour — a time after happy hour but before last call, where you go all out before you all go out. Legally, I was never able to say that.

Pepto Bismol

Creative Director: Jeremy Filgate
Associate Creative Director: Salina Cole
Copywriter: Gordo

Pepto Bismol decided I could say whatever I wanted, as long as it tied back to food or overindulgence. For that, Adweek recognized Pepto as one of the "25 Funniest Brand Twitter Accounts."

Creative Lead: Jaime Flynn
Senior Copywriter: Gordo

DOT org Conference




Senior Copywriter: Dan Brill
Senior Art Director: Spencer Hansen
Copywriter: Gordo

World UFO Day

smart has a car called the For Us, a two-passenger mini electric car. I concepted the idea to have the brand's logo as a crop circle and label it the smart For Them. 


Red Lobster

Art Director: Kim Yau
Copywriter: Gordo

National Haiku Day


National Shrimp Day